Volunteer Recreation

VACI dream is to makes volunteering a memorable one to all its wonderful volunteers! It is recommended that for volunteers to have a good experience and a memorable trip that he or she makes few weekend trips to various tourist sites in Ghana. This is excluded in the programme fees.

VACI Tour is also an opportunity for holiday makes who will like to visit West Africa (Ghana) and tour!

VACI has a well dedicated professional Tour guides to help makes your holiday trips a wonderful one! Please contact us if you are interesting in VACI Tour. Our tour package includes Ghana, Togo.

Weekend Trips

Below are various weekend trips a volunteer can make in other to enjoy her volunteer work?


This is about 14hrs drive from VACI office in and out, when volunteers are many on the ground then it’s cheaper to go on this weekend trip.

Kakum National Park is one of the best known national parks in Ghana; it is in the southern part of Ghana, in what is known as the Central Region. The Park was first established in 1990 from an area of 350 square kilometers to the north of Cape Coast and Elmina near the small town of Abrafo. The entire area is covered with tropical rainforest.

Kakum National Park has a unique tourist attraction: the only year-round tour over a hanging bridge in the forest canopy level in all of Africa. Beside Kakum there are only four other round tours of this type. From the so-called Canopy Walkway, at up to 40 meters height, the visitor can approach the plants and animals in their living space which would otherwise be inaccessible for people. The Canopy Walkway passes over 7 bridges and runs over a length of 330 meters.


This is about 14hrs drive from VACI office in and out, when volunteers are many on the ground then it’s cheaper to go on this weekend trip.

Cape Coast Castle is located in an exotic region of Ghana known as Cape Coast. The castle is renowned for its fantastic museum housed in one of its wings. The castle has two neighboring forts which are known as Fort William and Fort Victoria. There are two grand forts located in Cape Coast’s neighboring city Elmina. The Cape Coast Castle as well as the two forts in Elmina is considered as the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Many tourists spend hours in the castle’s museum and learn about the painful Ghanaian history depicting the slave trade era. Proclaimed by many tourists, this museum is one of the best in the entire West Africa. For those who eagerly want to learn about the slave trade in West Africa are recommended to grab Ghana flights!


This is about 12hrs drive from VACI office in and out, when volunteers are many on the ground then it’s cheaper to go on this weekend trip.

Tafi Atome can be described as a model multi-faced CBE project. Visiter can experience about 400 of the endangered true Mona monkeys on a guided walk in the forest, sometimes they even enter the village and make a great fuss in the house roofs and other natured activities include forest walks and mountain bike trip, and a visit to a nature trail of medicinal plants. Guess house as well as Homes stay for staying overnight


Wli Waterfalls (pronounced: Vli) is a predominately farming community located in the Hohoe Municipality. It is in fact closer to the Republic of Togo than the capital city of Ghana, Accra.

The Akwapim-Togo range provides the perfect setting for what is to become arguably, the most impressive waterfall in Ghana. Some even believe it is the highest waterfall in West Africa. The Wli people like all other Ewes of Ghana originated from the city of Notsie in what is now Benin. The forest around the wli waterfall has been preserved into what is known as the Agumatsa wildlife sanctuary. Nature lovers will find this place very interesting to visit. There are about 200 species of birds, 400 butterfly species and fruit eating bats.

A visitor/tourist can choose between visiting the upper waterfalls which requires more effect as this calls hiking uphill or the lower falls. The lower falls has a plunge pool where visitors can bathe. There river that flows downstream through the woods is so cold that it feels like drinking a refrigerated water. Popular with many ecotourism projects is the provision of alternative forms of livelihoods for natives. Wli is not short of that. There is an ostrich farm where visitors are taking through processes and procedures used in rearing those “giant” birds.

The Keta Fort (Fort Prinzenstein)

This is very short trip which cost just $10 (US dollars)

This Fort was among the four major Danish structures in Ghana, built in the commercial capital of the 36 Anlo towns, Keta in 1784 AD. When the Portuguese, the first among the Europeans to reach the shores of modern Ghana in their sea route Search to India in 1471 AD, we were already settled as people of Anlo and it was from us that they got water and food supplies before advancing to the other Ewe Brothers of Benin in 1475 AD.

For erection of forts and castles, our territory, the Volta Star bar, was not considered as there were no readily available rocks as the Western Coastal Stretches was. Also, the area does not provide enough natural defence as the formerly built ones possessed. Therefore, except for lodges that King Nukponku allowed them to build one at Adina .Elmina Chica} and other at Tegbi there was nothing like a Fort or Castle on the Volta Sand Bar up to Gbadagli, the last Ewe territory in the East till 1642 AD when the Portuguese ceded all that they had in the Gold Coast Ghana to the Dutch their captors and left.


The Keta District has some of the most beautiful sandy reaches full of coconut trees in West Africa. The beaches are relatively clean. The sea is rough and shallow up to about 1 to 2 nautical miles in some places.

The best beaches can be found at: Vie Volta Estuary Areas-From Azizanu to Atiteti. Woe-Cape St. Paul and adjoining areas ui-Dzelukope- Areas such as Tegbi./fofei areas,Anloga md adjoining areas

Music and Dance

Fafali Dance Ensemble International

This is a voluntary based NGO which have been performing and teaching traditional Ghanaian drumming and dancing since the beginning of the 2003.

Performances are held at weddings, funerals and other celebrations as well as for foreigners coming to Ghana

Haatsukope is a part of Denu where the group was founded and where most of the members have grown up together. "Fafali" means "There is Peace!” Due to a big interest in the group by foreigners they have during the last years been teaching and performing for foreign people in Haatsukope Denu and in Togo.

The Fafali Dance Ensemble teaches drumming and dancing as well as local songs and other instruments.

INSTRUMENTS: Drums and flute.

DANCES: Bamaya, Gota, Takai, Agbadza, Bobo, Bela, Bawa, Nagla, Kpalongo, Fumefume

You can choose to learn drumming and dancing lessons from this group.


Hogbetsotso Festival

On the first Saturday of every November, a grand durbar of chiefs and people is held at Anloga, the traditional home of the Anlo-speaking Ewes. The durbar forms a significant part of the week-long Hogbetsotso festival which commemorates the migration of the Anlo-Ewes from the ancient walled city of Notsie in present day northern Togo, to their present abode in Ghana. They claim they escaped the tyranny of a wicked chief, Agorkoli, by walking "backwards" amid drumming and iancing to war songs. Agbeliza


This is wonderful trip to a neighboring country but is quite expensive, attracting a fee of $100 (US Dollars) which will cover a volunteer visa fee, transport, and hotel for one night. A volunteer needs a multiple entry visa into Ghana before he or she can make this trip.

Though Togo may take up only a sliver of the West African coastline, it has become one of the most popular destinations on the continent. There is nothing small about what this country and its people have to offer visitors.

Despite decades under the rule of one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders, Gnassingbé Eyadéma, Togo’s culture, with its distinctly Francophone flavor, has remained as rich and enticing as ever. From pristine coastlines to lush rain forests and untouched, sun-scorched savannas, Togo is as topographically varied as its people are culturally diverse: Togo has almost 40 different ethnic groups. It is the perfect destination for the adventurous soul looking to experience West Africa. Travelers can learn about ancient voodoo rituals and medicine, shop in vibrant fabric markets, and explore mystical forests. You will fall in love with the colors, sights, sounds, and tastes of Togo. More information on Togo Travel